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This is my first instructable project. I have decided to make modern wooden chandelier which is easy to make and can be done by anyone with just few tools and some basic material.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project you will need:


- 11x plywood squares 170x170x12mm

- 32x insert nut M6*12

- 4x threded rod M6x230mm

- 4x flat washers M6

- 4x acron nut M6

- Bee wax

- Threded E27 socket with cable

- Edison E27 bulb

- Wood glue


- Table saw

- Jig saw or router

- Power drill

- Palm sander

- Sand paper

- Allen key 6

- Nut wrench 10

- Clamps

- Forstner bit 40mm

- 8mm drill for wood

Step 2: Woodcrafting

Chandelier is made of three parts - bottom, middle and top. The bottom is made of two plywood square pices,12 mm glued together. The middle is made of six plywood square pices each 12mm and the top is made with three square pices of 12 mm plywood glued together. Before you start, you will need to glue together all three square pices for top using some clamps. As you do that, you can continue with gluing together bottom pieces. aftr you glue together bottom pieces and top pieces, you have to cut those squares to final dimmensions. Next step is drilling holes for insert nuts. Holes are centered 20 mm x 20 mm from the edges of the squares and are 8 mm in diameter (it depends on the insert nut). Make sure you make the holes through the top and the middle. Be careful wih the bottom part. You will need to go deep enought, so that insert nut sinks into the wood, but not through. Take bigger bit and countersunk hole for the insert nut, so that the insert nut will be flatted with the surface alike square. I have made liitle fences for power drill using, so that the holes are always on the same spot on each square. The top part also has a hole for a thereded E27 socket. You need to drill this hole with Forstner 40 mm bit, right in the center of the top part. Next step is cuting off the inside of the squares with dimmensions 110 mm x 110 mm and it is important that is centered in the middle of the big square (30 mm from the edges of the big square). You can cut off this big square two different ways. One is with jigsaw and the other is with router. If you are going to use jigsaw, make holes with power drill in the corner of inside square first, and then connect it with jigsaw. I decided to do it with router, beacuse it is more precise. I screwd router on the flat board, and made a hole where the bit of the router came out. After, I turned the router upside down. I made little fences again, so every cut I made was the same as the one before. My router bit was not long enough, so I cut one side after another. Make sure you are sliding through fast enought, so your router bit will not leave burning marks.

Step 3: Sanding and Protecting

After you make holes for the insert nut and cut out sqares from the middle, you can start sanding. I did grinding with 150, 200 and 240 sand paper. I had some burnings left form the router bit, so I needed to sand it out. You can use orbital sander, palm sander or do it by hand. I' ve also sand edges a little bit, using my hands, so that they are not sharp anymore, you can also use router and a bit with curve. After sanding I coated every piece with two layers of liquid bee wax. I used liquid bee wax beacuse it does not colour wood, it is natural and perfect for indoor use.

Step 4: Assembling

After everything is dry you can start assembeling chandelier. With Allen key, you need to screw all of the insert nut into the holes previously made for them. You take four threded rods, the top parth and start screwing them into insert nuts. Make sure you screw all four rod equaly. The top art will now start to raise up. Keep screwing until it is 15mmabove the surface. To make it easier, you can use junk wood 15mm thick and place it so that all gaps have equal distance. After that, take one of the middle squares and repeat the process. You also make the same with the bottom part. The process takes a very long time. Make sure you screw all together very tight. at least, screw thereded E27 socket onto a chandelier and insert a bulb.

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