M.O.M. Mobile Orbital Mother

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About: I am an aviation manufacturing engineer. I have a Prusa I3 MK2s at home and a MakeIt Pro-L that I run at work. I use Catia for modeling and simplify3D for slicing.

Becoming a father to a wonderful 2 month old boy gave me the inspiration for this design. Babies can never truly be left alone and that makes it extremely difficult to get the most basic things done around the house. In the future I envision robots playing a big role in raising children. The M.O.M. is a robot that has endless possibilities. It's main use is it's orbital feature which allows it to follow a parent around the house. Using built in sensors it can avoid obstacles and can track the parent autonomously. The next feature is it's X&Y rocking feature which allow it to mimic any motion that soothes your child. Next you will notice the clear shield which has two purposes. It will help the M.O.M. automatically control internal temperature based upon your baby's needs. It will also have the ability to project stimulating video upon on the inside which will help entertain your baby. The M.O.M. also contains a speaker system which can play soothing music while also doubling as an alarm system if it detects problems with your baby's vital signs. It should be able to monitor everything from your baby's oxygen levels to dirty diapers. To move around, the use of a single ball will give the M.O.M. the best maneuverability while maintaining a small footprint. The M.O.M. is not only for home use, it can play a vital role in places such as hospitals and for parents that may be handicapped. This would be an amazing creation but I do fear that some people will abuse it's capability and not give their baby the attention and human interaction that they desperately need.

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