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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my channel today I am building a "Robotic Arm' with the help of the Arduino Uno and servo motor.

Step 1: Component

Arduino Uno.

Servo motor x4.

10k ohms Potentiometer x4

Connecting wire.

Step 2: Working

So, the working of this robotics hand it very simple the 4 servo motor is control by the 4 10k ohms potentiometer.

All the controlling part is done by Arduino.

As shown in the fig, at right side their are main robotic arm and on the left their are joystick like controller

The robotics arm as a joystick like controller as shown in the right hand side of the figure, which reflects is motion as per the position of the potentiometer meter.

It also as a mouth for lifting the things

Step 3: Extra

For any help regarding Arduino code and the circuit comment down bellow

I will defiantly try my best to help you out

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