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Hello, friends in the tutorial I am going to show you how to make a motion detection alarm. the main component of this project is the PIR sensor.

Step 1: Overview of PIR SENSOR

the main component e of this project is a PIR sensor. PIR stands for passive infrared this module consists of a pyroelectric sensor. As the name & indicates that is pyro means temperature, this sensor produces some energy when it is exposed to heat! and the term passive means it generates signals without using the energy it has a lens called fresnel lens and which is used to focus the signal to the sensor. This module has 3 pins Vcc gnd and out and two potentiometers Right One is used to adjust the output delay time and left one is used to adjust the Sensing range of module

Step 2: Working Principle

if a human or heated body comes in front of the sensor. the Sensor will detect movement because the heated body emits energy in the form of IR radiation and the PIR will capture that

Step 3: Working Modes

this module has two modes.the repeatable and non-repeatable mode

in the non-repeatable mode when the sensor output is high and it goes low after the delay time is over. But in repeatable mode. It will keep the output high until the detected Object is in the range

Step 4: Components Needed

1. pir module

2. relay module



please watch the full video tutorial

Step 7: