Introduction: HIGH CURRENT MOTOR DRIVER ( V 1.0 )

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Want to drive some low turn - high current motors ? well you can make your own high current motor driver with some MOSFETs.

2 x IRF540N
2 x IRF9540N
2 x 10k resistors
1 x diode
3 x male headers
2 x MCT2E ( or equivalent optoisolators / optocouplers )
4 x Heat Sinks
1 x DC fan ( optional )
1 x 2 pin terminal blocks

Step 1: Layout and Schematic

The schematic looks pretty simple.  It has been labelled with every part and their value .  The output headers have a ground pin  and 2 input pins which can work on PWM too. 

Step 2: Using and Basic Working

The circuit can work with or without a micro-controller. Micro-controllers can be used to give PWM inputs to the driver and control the motor speed.  The first pin on the header is for input , the second is ground on micro-controller and the third is input 2 . 


Why optocouplers / optoisolators ?
- Because they "isolate" the HIGH current circuit optically from the microcontroller board.

Why these heatsinks and fans ?
- The low turn motors use more than 10 amps which can create heating issues which could reduce the performance and also sometimes damage the components .

Happy tinkering !