It was a sunny day in the south of Italy, I stepped outside to take a ride on my motorbike and...

I found it layingon the ground without a plausible reason, but looking closer I realised that the asphalt had melted and the kickstand was sinking.

The tail light was broken and after a conspicuous amount of swearing I managed to fix the tail, but the reflective plastic shell was impossible to repair.

Surfing the internet I found that I had to buy the entire tail light because nobody was selling the plastic piece and the price was of 285 €.

Unwilling to pay that sum I spent some days thinking about a way to circumvent the problem and the 3D printer came to my mind.

I took apart the tail light and using a caliper I measured every dimension for 3 or 4 times and than I calculated the average value due to the complex geometry (Honda's designers made me lose 10 years of life). I created the CAD design with Fusion 360 and then I printed it.

With a sealing glue I joined the two pieces and after some hours the tail light was fixed and brand new, the result was astonishing.

This tale doesn't want to be the classical Instructable, but shows the everyday potential of 3D printing and its applications without being a creativity master (without taking in account that I saved 250€).

I hope you enjoyed, bye.

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