Introduction: Breath Analyzer MQ3 Sensor With Arduino UNO

About: pursuing Bachelors in Electronics and Communication at Chandigarh University

MQ3 sensor can detect Alcohol, Ethanol, Smoke concentration in the air. There are many projects like Gas level over-limit alarm, Breath analyser, Portable alcohol detector, Stand-alone/background sensing device or Environmental monitoring equipment.

In this project, i am going to show you how i made a breadth analyzer using MQ3 sensor and display the readings on LCD and raise an alarm if alcohol content is more than required in the breath of the user.

I have used a perfume in this project to check whether my project is working or not. You can use many other things like sanitizer, nail paint remover etc and check the result.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Arduino UNO -

2. Buzzer -

3. LCD -

4. MQ3 sensor -

5. Jumper wires -

6. 220 ohms resistor -

7. 10K potentiometer -

Step 2: Circuit Schematic

Step 3: Code

You can also add LED also instead of a Buzzer.