Introduction: MRT Simulator

(1) Small Project Using Arduino to control the LED Light and the speaker.

(2) Use 1 color Led light, you can change all the color you like.

(3) Use the speaker to simulate the sound of MRT.

(4) Using power bank can be used of computer.

(5) You Can use USB line to power this light.

(6) The purpose of this is to remind the people don't use their phones while MRT is coming.

Step 1: Circuit Board


- Arduino Uno

- Bread board

-11 jumper wire

- Speaker

- LED light

-1 of 10kΩ resistor

Step 2: Arduino Code

(1) connect the Arduino to computer.

(2) Write the code let Arduino Control the LED and sound.

(3) Source code can be download as below.

Step 3: Procedure

1. Put all of the parts together and form the circuit, like the method in step one.

2. Put the circuit into the box. Remember to color the box.

3. Use the power bank or USB connect to the computer as the power source.

4. The LED light will switch on when the sound of MRT plays.

Step 4: Testing and Enjoy the MRT Sound

(1) Testing, use it to remind the them don't use the phones while MRT comes.

(2) If you don't want to Use power bank, you can use usb line to power up the Light.