Introduction: MSA 2040 Start Up

This tutorial will guide you through the proper installation of an HP MSA 2040 SAN. I will provide proper instructions on how to mount the device, install SFP ports, install SFF hard drives, plug in all required cabling and power on the device. In this example I will be using an HP MSA 2040 storage device with 15k small form factor drives and connecting via fibre channel to a Cisco 2960x catalyst switch.

* Disclaimer - Verify proper power is in the area. Power requirements 110VAC 3.32A, 344-390 W; 220VAC 1.61A,374-432W. Applying incorrect power to the device could cause damage to the MSA and void the warranty.

Step 1: Verify Materials and Review SAN Overview

Locate required items:

The following items will be shipped with the MSA 2040: .
• Rack mounting kit
• Mini-USB CLI cable
• PDU power cords

Items needed for this tutorial :
• SFF HP Enterprise HDs
• Screwdrivers (Phillips)
• Switch with 10GB SFP adapters (Cisco XXXX being used)
• Cables for connecting to the host
• PDU power cords
• RJ-45 Ethernet cable for connecting to a remote management host
• LC - LC Fiber cabling for connecting SAN to Switch
• Access from a workstation to the MSA 2040 (to access the SMU and validate host connections)

Step 2: Mount the MSA to Your Rack

Instructions are provided with the purchase from HP. If you’re using a non OEM mounting kit use the manufactures web site to obtain mounting instructions. Below is a link to the OEM’s installation instructions if needed.

Step 3: Install 2.5" Hard Drives

Install Hard Drives into MSA:

1. Remove drive bay blank from MSA by pushing down on both tabs.
2 Remove SFF OEM hard drive from packaging
3. Once drive is removed, push the red button on the face to pop the drive tab
4. Install the hard drive with the tab extended into the open slot on the MSA
5. Push the tab in to secure the hard drive into the drive bay slot.

Step 4: Connect the MSA 2040 for Remote Management

A remote management host directly manages systems out-of-band

1. Connect RJ-45 Ethernet cables to each management port of MSA 2040 controller to a switch that your management host can access (preferably on the same subnet).

Step 5: Install SFP Ports on MSA and Switch (images Display Switch Only)

1. Remove the SFP adapters from packaging
2. Install adapters into switch and MSA with the locking tab down.
3. When inserted properly you should feel the adapted click and the connection should be snug.
4. Depending on your environment you ma not be using all 8 ports on the MSA.

Step 6: Connecting MSA 2040 to Network Switches

The following image illustrates connecting an MSA 2040 FC to two switches.

The MSA 2040 Supports direct hosts connections and switch-connect environments are supported. I will be demonstrating a switch connected environment.
1. Connect cables from the MSA 2040 to the switch ports.
2. Connect the MSA Controller A port and the corresponding MSA Controller B port to one switch, and connect a second MSA Controller A port and the corresponding MSA Controller B port to a separate switch

Step 7: Connect AC Power Cables Power Supples

Apply power to the devices in the following order:

1. Connect 1st and 2nd power supplies using AC power cables (I recommend using a power source controlled by UPS)
2. Connect each power supply modules in the MSA 2040 to a power source in the rack. The MSA 2040 automatically starts (it does not have a power switch).
3. Observe the LEDs on the front and the rear of the MSA 2040 and any expansion drive enclosures, and confirm that no LEDs are amber.

Step 8: Verify Connectivity to the MSA

You can find the MSA's IP address using its MAC address in your DHCP scope.
If all steps were performed properly you will be able to connect to the MSA via HTTP using it's IP address.