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Introduction: Create Your Own PeepSHOW

peepSHOW is an urban viewing station that focuses the gaze and thoughts of a passersby onto obscure or concealed scenes on Market Street, creating moments for the user to contemplate his or her surroundings and acts to spur discussion and create shared experience. peepSHOW builds on the notion of a nature-lover’s viewing station or scenic (birdwatching, scenic overlooks) but centers this in an active, dense city context, allowing for the contemplation of the urban environment.

Step 1: Get Inspired

Go to your site! Observe, photograph, interview, hang out!

Step 2: Draw

Step 3: Collaborate

Engage the community! Talk to people on the street, meet with community organizations!

Step 4: Design

Rhino - create the form using the paneling tool and unroll the form to make the individual panels

CAD - lay out the panles onto sheets to be converted into cut files

V-Carve - import the CAD files to make cut files to be CNC routed

Step 5: Budget and Materials

Mockups and testing of materials

Main structure panels (Local lumber yard)
4'x8'x1/2" 5 ply birch plywood ($40 each x 50 panels)

Joints (Local lumber yard)
4'x'8'x3/4" 7 ply birch plywood (10 panels)

Mirrored Panels (Tap Plastics)
4'x8'x1/8" mirrored acrylic panels(30 sheets)

Floor (local lumber yard)
OSB panels
Framing and fasteners

Fabrication (Advanced Laser Santa Clara, Techshop SF)
Mirrored Panels lasercutting

TechShop Memberships for CNC routing

Lighting (Cool Neon West Oakland)

Transporation and Storage (uhaul, carshare)

Total: $9,400

Step 6: Testing

Step 7: Fabricate

Step 8: Install

Step 9: Observe

Step 10: Break Down

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    6 years ago

    Very cool design. Wish I would have had more time to play in it!