MST3k Tribute Window Shadow

Introduction: MST3k Tribute Window Shadow

Anyone who is anyone of course is familiar with the iconic look of two robots, and a man sitting in a movie theater making hysterical commentary on bad movies. So I thought it would be cool to have them bird watching. This originally came about when I was watching a Rifftrax of Sharknado. If you are not familiar with Rifftrax please go check it out they are great. What I thought was interesting was I missed seeing characters from MST3K sitting in the theater so I went about trying to make a shadow to put on the TV and liked the look on the window. After I made this I did a search and sure enough you can buy decals like this, however they may not match your window size, and it's usually more cost effective and fun to make your own. After all that is what Instructables is all about.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need glue, a pencil, reusable sticky dots(or poster tack), electrical tape, a black marker, tape measure, black poster board, and a sheet of white card stock.

Step 2: Print Your Image

The image above is available online using an image search but it is too small. So with minimal photo editing skills you need to crop it to the image in the next step.

Step 3: That's Better!

Now with this image we can print it as a full page photo on our white card stock, You may have to tweak it and make sure it is not fit to page. The second picture is what we end up with.

Step 4: Cutting and Pasting

Now the hard part we are going to use an exacto knife to cut out the shadow from the card stock. Be super careful some spots are pretty flimsy and you may have to tweak as you go. If needed use black electrical tape to fix tears and the black marker to color any white on the edges that just won't go away cleanly. Once the image is cut out use the top of card stock sheet to cut out a seat template of about three seats. Take your template and using a pencil trace it onto the black poster board. The pencil will help make a shiny line for you to follow when you cut it out. I went the entire length of the poster board as I haven't measured the window yet. Trim the first seat just enough so it fits under your card stock image and glue the two together. While it's drying we measure the window. So my window is 27 inches in length. Measuring from right to left we cut the large image at 27 inches.

Step 5: Stick Em Up.

Using the clear sticky dots we now attach our shadow. Being reusable we can watch TV or Nature. A quick WARNING: Please if you are at all hesitate to stick foreign objects to your TV, then DO NOT do it. You could potentially ruin your TV. But by all means place it in a window and enjoy.

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