M.U.A.R - Multi Use Air Rifle

Introduction: M.U.A.R - Multi Use Air Rifle

About: Future SEAL

The M.U.A.R ( multi use air rifle ) is something that can be used to shoot many different types of ammunition. It can shoot blow gun darts ( really long needles ) , nerf darts , air soft shot gun loads, and even acorns ! It's made from a toy called a buzz bee big blast ( the green and blue thing in the pictures). To make it, I took out the simple internals of the gun, cut off most of the barrel , and epoxied on a 1/2" PVC coupler. It shoots nerf darts well over one hundred feet, blow gun darts through my dart board, and acorns harder than any paint ball gun shoots. And that's just the beggining. There are many more things that can be shot out of it. That's why it's called the multi use air rifle.

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