About: Having fun trying new projects

You can try many different sizes, color combination and also different shapes (cube, piramid).This case is a sphere close to 5 inch diameter. Consist in 36 mini baubles (3 cm) around a spongy core.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


-36 mini baubles (different colors,I prefer two or three max. Because each color come with three shades shiny, matte and glitter). So we have 12 pcs. per color (for 3 color) and each shade 4 baubles.

-36 toothpicks

-2 inch cube or sphere of a dense sponge or foam

-some ribbon garland

-a piece of wire for hanger


-glue gun


Step 2: Preparation

a)-detach from the original bauble the hanging part .Place a toothpick all the way inside.With a drop of hot glue will keep it firm on place.

b)-using scissors bring the foam core to a sphere (like) approx 2 inch diameter.

c)-with two small pieces of ribbon garland cover the hole sphere surface.One drop of hot glue just to hold it on placefor each piece

Step 3: Putting All Toghether

a)-I start with 4 of the same color and shade in a slightly curve line.Then right next to the last one in the row start a new line same patern till you fill up the hole aria.This technic could be changed in many ways.Chose the one you prefer the most.

b)-for hanging part tied up a wire or string aruond the bauble neck. Add a drop of hot glue (or other glue compatible with the foam material ) and placed back on position.The glue is necessary to hold the hole weight

Step 4: Adjusting

By pressing deeper or pulling them a bit out you can find the right shape you like.