Introduction: MUSTANGs Shelf

MUSTANG’s die cast display shelf

The dimension: Width 27 x Length 154 x Depth 3 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the Mustang die cast 1:18 shelf, for the Mustang lover. The design is to make the lettering of the word “MUSTANG” into vertical shelf to display die cast car 1:18 collection for the each letter and use the Blue, White, and Red strips in the center. The shelf is simple to make, nothing difficult. All you need are the plywood, clear acrylic, and spray paints. It can be display in any rooms and can be decorated piece as well. It will make your room look cool. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do MUSTANG’s die cast display shelf project.

1. Teak plywood 4 mm, plywood 20 mm. and hard wood strips (Or any wood).

2. Clear acrylic 10 mm, wood glue, and all purpose glue.

3. Sand paper, screw, masking tape, red- blue- white- black spray paint, clear lacquer.

Step 1: Cut Plywood, CNC Clear Arcylic.

Cut teak plywood 4 mm, and plywood 15 mm, I cut a little bigger and then trim to the size (27 x 154 cm.), next I use wood glue to teak plywood and plywood together, because I need the thickness for the grove, if it not enough depth, it will not hold the acrylic shelf. Leave it over night. Then I trim the piece to the size and begin to make the grove wide 10 mm. and 12 mm. in depth for the shelf. The letters in the MUSTANG are 7 letters, so it will be 7 shelves. I divided in to 7 sections for each letter. The last letter is G, at the bottom need to leave more space to make the grove. Now I cut trim piece size (width 5 mm. x length 156 x thickness 24 mm.) I better to cut a little bigger, so I can trim it off. Make a 45 degree angle cut at the corner on each end cut each wood trim. Now I glue the wood trim and use the nail air gun to attach. For the acrylic shelves I use cnc to cut to the size (width 26 cm. x length 22 cm. x thickness 10 mm.) and round of the edges of the front corners.

Step 2: Paint the Color Strips and Lettering.

Then sand the piece and clean the dust. Get ready to paint the colors strips, I measure at the center for the white strip width 5 cm. red and blue strips are 4 cm. The easy way to do is to paint it white, so the ply wood will soak in the white color, so when paint red and blue will be easy. I use the masking tape and paper cover each time I paint, and also cover the edge of the piece. After the 3 strips is done. Let it dry. Next, I start to write the letters, I use the old lettering of the Mustang, I think this font is easy to do. Then I leave the space about 1.5 cm. around the edges, at first draw the box and outline all the letters. Then use masking tape on the edge of the letter line, in the arch the masking tape need to go on top of the line, then use the cutter to trim it off. Make sure that it will be enough space for the letters and it will not block the color strips. After the lettering is done, I spray paint it black, need to do maybe 5 coats. Make sure that the letters is all black and let it dry after each coat. Because the plywood will absorbed black different then the color strips that paint it over. Now patch the nail holes with gypsum, and sand it off, then I mix the light brown color and paint it over the gypsum lightly. Now I spray the clear coat over the piece maybe 3-4 times.

Step 3: Glue the Arcylic Sheves.

Then drill the holes at the back for hanging. Next is to attach to acrylic shelf to the grove by using all purpose glue. Make sure that all the shaves straight, not bend to other side. Then hang it on the wall in any room, it will make your Mustang die cast collection look very cool.

Special Thanks to: Mr. Sakorn and Mr. Noom

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