I made this sheath with leather from old work boots.

I sander with sand paper the leather to take of part of the color and clean glue.

Also I used one piece of soft skin (new) for front and to make the leather cord.

That knife is also made by myself with and old saw, is a Big Ass Skinner and has oak handle.

Step 1: Materials

I used it:

-leather from old boots
-soft skin new
-contact cement for leather
-leather paint brown
-small rivets
-a little piece of boa skin (this one is from a dead boa I found few years ago and I process the skin, this was my last piece)
-some ornaments plastic and wooden.
-waxed thread


-hole punch
-crochet needle (to sew)
-Dremel with sander.
-work table

if I miss some tool please sorry...

Step 2: Workin With Leather

-At first I cut both pieces of leather for the sheath body, one T form of leather for belt piece and one skin piece for front of the sheath.

-Them cut an oval in the front skin for the snake skin.

-Paint all pieces.

-let it dry.

-glue the snake skin and the front skin with the front leather.

-sew around the oval to make pretty the snake skin ornament.

-also glue and sew the T part for the belt.

Step 3: How to Make a Skin Cord

At first cut a round piece of skin with scissors.

Them cut an spiral until the centre.

You have to get a strap of leather

Wet strap on warm water

With your finger fold the strap to get uper part

Use a little piece of leather to knead the strap and you can see how a little skin strap convert in a cord.

Now you have to string up with some weight the cord until get dry.

When is totally dry use some hands cream to get it soft  and protect it from humidity.

Step 4: THE END

Glue T piece to back leather piece and sew borders.

Joint front and back leather pieces.

I put 4 rivets on the edge to make it stronger

With a dremel I sand all borders.

Finally sew on the border and put ornaments with skin cord.

Note: this is my first instructable, I hope you enjoy it.

Note 2: Sorry for my english, Y don´t know name for some things and google translator neither.