MaKeyMaKey: Pencil Lead Game Controller

Introduction: MaKeyMaKey: Pencil Lead Game Controller

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Hi! Our names are Evan and Austin, and we're high school students in the new Maker Class at Arroyo Grande High School in California.

For our MaKey MaKey project we used all recycled and/or school materials (so didn't buy anything). While looking for ideas for the project, I remembered that lead is conductive, and tried to connect the clips to pencil...when that failed I drew two arrows on a regular piece of paper with small strips heading off the paper in order to connect the clips to it.

  • Sometimes the clip rubs the lead off of the paper so sometimes you'll need to re-apply it to the paper.

Step 1: MaKey MaKey: Supplies You Need

The first step of creating this, or all of this is generally pretty simple.

Supplies you need:

  • A number 2 pencil(for the best conductive lead possible)
  • A regular piece of notebook paper
  • A MaKey MaKey inventors kit

Step 2: MaKey MaKey: Step 1

On the piece of paper simply create any sort of design you would like. For our project we just made some arrows for simplicity, but in reality you can create almost anything as long as it's conductive; and can be connected to the MaKey MaKey.

Step 3: MaKey MaKey: Step 2 And/or Final Step

Since this project is so simple not to much instructions are really needed for this....but for the second and/or last step; once you have your design on paper and a connection to the edge of the paper simply connect the MaKey MaKey alligator clips to the edge(of course where the lead is located).

Once it's all connected it's just up to you to connect all the wires in the MaKey MaKey and connect the USB drive to the computer.

Step 4: MaKey MaKey: Games We Used

The bonus step, or whatever you want to call it, is the game we used. Of course we just had two connection points, so it had to be a simple game. We used the game Cubefield which you can find here:


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