Introduction: Mac OS X El Capitan: Security and Other Improvements

Probably WWDC 2015 was not so thrilling and stirring as previous times, but there are still much more updates and news to share with you. Most innovations were expected and rumoured by fans, and it seems like Apple has not brought anything new. But still… Tim Cook delivered, promising to “change the way that you experience music forever" with a new streaming platform, and did Apple Music. But another most expected upgrade is Mac OS X El Capitan.

New version of Mac OS X named after a mountain in the Yosemite National Park came without adding lots of new features. In general, the new system will be based on Mac OS X Yosemite with specific changes and expanded apps.

Step 1: System Requirements & Improvements

New Mac OS version requirements are not much different from OS X Yosemite. So if you already use Yosemite, there is no reason to change the old hardware. The list of hardware is the same - 2007 iMacs, 2008 MacBooks Air, 2009 Macs mini, 2007 MacBooks Pro, and 2008 Macs Pro can all run OS X 10.11.

As for speed improvements, you will not meet any difficulties and issues while using El Capitan. Furthermore, Graphic display requires less power after the upgrade.

Step 2: ​Security Improvements

As usual, OS X is the most secured system ever created; probably because the exclusive nature of the Mac market makes it a smaller target to hit, and we cannot see any updated security improvements in comparison with OS X Yosemite. But at the same time Mac OS X does not have any integrated AV app, which can detect malware and other dangerous files. as well as it cannot secure users from phishing attacks. So better think about 3rd-party AV software to be sure that your Mac is out of the possible threat. The most popular 3rd-party AV app for Mac is MacKeeper, as seen on Top Ten Reviews. In addition to the AV feature, the app offers a wide range of features for cleaning and optimization of the system. The app will be compatible with Mac OS X 10.11.

Step 3: ​Feature Improvements

The main improvement is the new way of view between the apps - Split View. In El Capitan you can work in two apps at the same time without distraction, which makes your work more productive. You may already do the same in OS X Yosemite manually, by dragging windows and trying to split them correctly and fill the display vertically.

Step 4: However, the New System Offers More Improvements:

  • Safari - now you can pin your favorite websites in the top left corner of the tab bar.

Step 5:

  • Spotlight - now you can move and resize the Spotlight window.
  • Notes - enhanced with improved graphic design, rich text editor and checklists, this app is going to become really better.

Step 6:

There are some other small improvements in the new Mac OS X, such as zoom of the cursor, improvements of maps, Mission Control, Photo app, and Mail.

Most pleasant news is that the new version of the Mac OS X is free and will be released this fall.