Mac: Play N64 Games on the Oculus Rift




Introduction: Mac: Play N64 Games on the Oculus Rift

In this instructable I will tell you how to play any N64 game on the oculus rift. This is very basic, so it does not support full head tracking or stereoscopic vision, but it is fairly immersive and I think it is a lot of fun.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Get Stuff

For this you need a mac, an oculus rift, and optionally a controller. I am using the Dualshock 4 Playstation controller with bluetooth. If you have this as well, follow along with this next part for pairing.

Step 2: Pairing the Dualshock 4

This controller works phenomenally with the emulator I use, so that's why I am giving instructions for setup.

Hold the playstation and share buttons until the light on the front starts doing rapid double blinks. In your bluetooth settings on you mac there should be an item called wireless controller with a pair button next to it. Click the pair button and wait for the controller's light to turn solid white.

You're all set now!

Step 3: Get Sixtyforce

The emulator Sixtyforce can be found at

If you prefer you can use any other emulator, but I find sixtyforce great for most games

To get allow saving, follow the steps in the video below.

Step 4: Get Live View Rift (abbreviated to LVR)

Get LVR here:

LVR is a utility application for streaming display or other data onto a virtual screen. In this case we will be streaming the emulator.

Step 5: Configure Displays

Turn on your oculus rift.

For this, you need to make sure the displays are NOT mirrored. We need the virtual screen on one display (the rift) and the actual emulator on the other display (the mac).

Go into the display preferences and make sure your window looks something like the picture given above.

Step 6: Configure Live View Rift (I)

Open LVR.

You should see the startup window as shown in the first picture.

Set the type to Display, and press Start. Nothing will happen except the icons will disappear off the desktop, but if you look into the rift you should see a virtual desktop somewhere around you. If it is not in front of you, recenter by looking forwards and pressing R.

Step 7: Configure Live View Rift (II)

Press P once to set camera mapping to sort of a wraparound screen. It will be really too big. Press and hold M until the "+/- h equid r" is around 1.6 (no need to be exact, go with what you like).

You can take off the Rift for a minute now. Don't forget, LVR is still running. Move your mouse into your main desktop and click.

Step 8: Download ROMs

These can be downloaded from a lot of places. Google "n64 ROMs", and you're sure to find any you need. Here's a link to the Super Mario 64 ROM I used:

NOTE: Download only roms you own the cartridge for. Otherwise you are stealing them. I have a lot of cartridges so I'm all set.

Step 9: Open Sixtyforce

Open Sixtyforce and file/open the ROM you want to play. If it doesn't run immediately, something is wrong with it.

Step 10: Last Step!

Press the full screen button in sixtyforce, then put on your oculus rift and enjoy!

Note that to get rid of the HUD you must move your mouse to the rift display, click, press H, move it back to the main display, move it to the top until the gray application bar appears, and click on that (It should look like it was grayed out before and now it's not, this means your controls are going to sixtyforce).

There is a video of me playing the full setup attached. Watch this to see what should be happening.

Good luck!

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