Introduction: Mac Pro Case Mod - Transparent Side Panel


Welcome to this little guide showing you how to modify your Mac Pro to feature a transparent side panel.

The inner layout of the Mac Pro is beautiful and well thought trough, why hide it behind a aluminium plate ?

I wanted to change that so i decided to replace the aluminium side door with a transparent one made out of acrylglas.

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Step 1: Decide Which Material You're Going to Use

There are many types of plexiglas/acrylglas. Some which have a low Leigh transmission or block UV. Scratch resistance, color and glossy surface are other Parameters. I decided on a plate thats not shiny, transparent and scratch resistant.

The measurements are:

Length: 475mm



Find a local Plexiglas/acrylglas shop and buy it there.

I went to they even had a cnc cutting machine so they could not only get me the exact right measurements, but cut out a lip that holds that holds the plate on the bottom of the mac pro. This is not necessary but its a nice little feature. I gave them the aluminium door and they made a copy of it, without the holes and screws of course ;)

Step 2: Unscrew the Frame From the Aluminium Door

Unscrew the frame from the aluminium door. Make sure you don't loose the grey locks, save the for later as well as the frame. Keep she screws too in case you want to go back to the aluminium door.

Step 3: Mark and Drill the Holes

Now place the plexiglas panel on top of the aluminium panel. make sure the side with the lip is facing down and the 2 plates are perfectly aligned. Now mark the 2 points the thurdest away from each other, so thats the diagonal of the panel. Also mark the two pegs located on the top of the panel. these are not for screwing the frame to the panel but for screwing in 2 pegs that will help holding the door in place on the mac pro

Drill these four holes (2 diagonal and 2 for the pegs) use a 2mm diameter drill as well as 2mm diameter screws

after you have drilled these two holes screw the frame to the plate and drill the rest of the holes.

Step 4: Screw the Frame to the Plexiglas Plate

Now remove the frame again from the panel and take of the protection foil from both sides. place the plastic locks on the panel and screw the frame again to it. to replicate the pegs on the top of the plate use a shorter screw with a couple of nuts

Step 5: Put Your Shiny New Transparent Side Panel on the Mac Pro

Put your shiny new transparent side panel on the Mac Pro and you are done !!

Congratulations !!

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