Introduction: Mac Terminal Codes

Here are some Fun Ways To Use Your Macs Terminal

Terminal is located at applications>utilities>Terminal

Use Ctrl C to stop any current commands

Step 1: Matrix Style Terminal

Open Terminal > Type this code ( LC_ALL=C tr -c "[:digit:]" " " < /dev/urandom | dd cbs=$COLUMNS conv=unblock | GREP_COLOR="1;32" grep --color "[^ ]" ) > Press Enter > Press CTRL C to stop


Try This One > echo -e "1"; while $t; do for i in `seq 1 30`;do r="$[($RANDOM % 2)]";h="$[($RANDOM % 4)]";if [ $h -eq 1 ]; then v="0 $r";else v="1 $r";fi;v2="$v2 $v";done;echo -e $v2;v2="";done;

Step 2: Star Wars

Open Terminal

Copy and paste this in (telnet and press enter

Hold enter to fast forward

Enjoy Starwars text edition

Ctrl C to end

Step 3: Make Terminal Speak

Open Terminal
Type in (say [fill text here] ) and press enter:

E.G. - say Hello my name is mac


Type "say -f /path/to/file.txt" to make your mac read a certain text file

If you do further research you can set up pranks using this.

Step 4: Terminal Games

Open Terminal --->

Type "emacs" ---> Press Escape ----> Press X -----> Type in the name of the game you want to play ---> Press enter and the game immediately starts.

List Of Common Games: tetris, pong, snake, solitaire, gomoku, 5x5, dunnet, landmark, doctor

You can find more by typing in terminal --> ls /usr/share/emacs/22.1/lisp/ play

For Pong - Use arrows up and down for player 2 and side arrows for player 1

Step 5: Extreme Dock Magnification

Have magnification on in dock preferences >

Type this in terminal "defaults write largesize -int 512; killall Dock" >

Press enter - Dont go bigger than 512 >

To go back to default, move the slider in dock preferences

Step 6: Usefull Commands and Extras

Type "uptime" in terminal to display how long your mac has been on

Type "sudo shutdown -r now" to restart your mac Type "sudo shutdown -h now" to shut down your mac Type "sudo shutdown -r +60" where +60 is a time delay, to shut down your mac after a certain time Type "caffeinate -u -t 600" to stop your computer from falling asleep for a certain time (600 seconds this would be) Type "banner [Text] Make Your mac Sing > type [sudo osascript -e 'say "Dum dee dum dee dum dum dum dee dee dee lah lah lo fa lah lah lah lah lah lah fa lah dee doo dee doo" using "Cellos"'] It may ask you to type your password Pressing Ctrl + C will stop the current operation.

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