Macaron Turkeys




Introduction: Macaron Turkeys

Everyone seems to love macarons! By following this Instructable you can customize them into turkeys, making a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table.

I made these this year and they were a hit. A simple, cute treat.

I was inspired to make these after seeing the ones made by Kevin & Amanda. They used candy corn for the tails but I found that Reese's pieces make for a good substitute.

Step 1: Ingredients

To make these delectable turkeys, you will need:

  • Macarons (I purchased mine from Feel Good Bakery in Alameda, CA)
  • Reese's Pieces
  • Candy eyes (I found them at Target but Michael's stores also carry them)
  • (not pictured) Butterscotch & milk chocolate chips

I wanted to choose a fall colored palette for the macarons and chose chocolate, pumpkin, and coffee flavored ones.

Step 2: Prepare the Beaks

Spread some Reese's pieces on a cutting board. Use a knife to split them in half.

They make the perfect beaks! and you can eat any leftover ones that don't cut evenly :)

Step 3: Make the Head

Melt a small amount of the milk chocolate and butterscotch chips. Using a pipette, create the head of the turkey by drawing a quarter sized circle on a macaron.

Step 4: Make the Face

Before the chocolate has had a chance to dry, add two eyes and a half a Reese's piece (the beak) to complete the face.

Step 5: Create the Base for the Feathers

Melt some more of the butterscotch chips and using a pipette, create a line of melted butterscotch along one edge of the macaron.

Step 6: Add Feathers

Before the butterscotch has a chance to melt, place Reese's pieces along the row of melted butterscotch. Make sure to arrange them so that no two colored Reese's pieces are next to each other.

Step 7: Arrange & Enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving!

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