Introduction: Macaroni Necklace

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This is a easy , pretty and cheap necklace . You can make it with minimum materials and maximum art . It's a simple jewel . You can use it in a party , with pride to your hand work necklace . It haven't range , It's for everyone .

Step 1: The Tools and Materials You Will Need

- Allotrope macaronis (Several shapes)
- Oil color
- Brush
- thread

Step 2: Paint the Macaronis

Paint the macaronis with your favorite oil color . and wait until the macaronis get dry . Now you have many color macaronis .

Step 3: Put Them in a Thread

Measure your neck length , then cut the thread proportional with your neck . Ferry the macaronis to the thread and knot the thread .
Your macaroni necklace is ready . Enjoy from your hand work jewel !

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