Introduction: Macbook Dock/stand (knex)

This is a simple macbook stand or dock made from K'nex.

Step 1: Make the Big Part

This is only the 2d part, with the exception of one piece. If you don't have panels, replace the 3-holed triangular panels with just a yellow/grey rod and the 35 hole ones with grey rods.

The black rod that should be as long as the blue ones (between the middle two 3-holed panels) is actually a tiny triangular panel, pointing down.

Step 2: Add the Side and Middle "legs"

they aren't really legs. If you dont have they tiny triangular piece, substitute with a 5-point yellow/vomit gold/grey with 3 green/black tiny rods. The first pic is for the middle and the last is for th two sides.

Step 3: Back End

Simple and easy

Step 4: You Are Done!


(sorry for shaky pic)

The stand has held up for at least 12 weeks, and I feel it makes it more fun to type.