Introduction: Macgyver Hand Crank Flash Light

your lost in a abonded building the goons that are chasing you are hot on your trail but you cant run cause its to dark

what do you do? well here's what you do

Step 1: Materials

to begin your own macgyver hand crank flash light you will need a few things \


1. 2 Popsicle sticks

2. a small dc motor

3 an led

4.And a tooth pick


1 lighter

2 hot glue stick or super glue

3 soldering iron or nail

4 electrical tape

Step 2: Motor

you find a small dc motor on the ground through the dim moonlit skys you also come across a small 5v led.

an idea sparks in your head.

quickly thinking you take out your knife strip the leads of the dc motor.

and attach the positive and negative leads to the cathode and anode of the led

Step 3: Hand Crank Handle

you find aPopsicle stick and a rusty nail on the ground.

you take out a glue stick and lighter from your pocket.

melting the glue with your lighter you glue the Popsicle stick to the motor.

after finding a nail on the ground you heat it up with the lighter and poke a small hole in the Popsicle stick.

you stick a tooth pick through the hole you made.

done! at last

Step 4:

the goons have almost there you grab the handle and pray that it works and


a small but bright light appears in front of you and you escape the goons just in time

i hope you enjoyed my first instructable and i hope to make some other cool stuff in the future

so be sure to follow me and have a good day

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