Introduction: Machine Embroidery Covering Conductive Thread

A method of attaching conductive thread to fabric.

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Step 1:

Place your sewing machine on zig-zag or button hole setting.
Place conductive thread on the fashion side of the fabric, centering it under the needle.
Stitch over the conductive thread in your chosen design pattern.
Yes, you can cross over other stitching!

Step 2:

What the finished embroidery looks like on the fashion side and the back side of fabric.
I used a tear-away stabilizer on this sample.

Step 3: If You Want to Be a Perfectionist

Pull the top-stitching thread tails to the wrong side of the fabric.
Knot the top-stitch thread and the bobbin thread.
Clip the thread tails.

This step is a nice touch, but not necessary.

Step 4:

Test the circuits.

Step 5:

Finished samples.
On top, sample without stabilizer.
On the bottom, I used a tear-away stabilizer.

Either way works it just depends upon the fashion statement you want to make.