Introduction: Machining Replacement Tips for Harbor Freight Spot Welder

The contact points of our Harbor Freight spot welder had gotten too pitted and damaged to work.  I had no luck getting replacement parts from anywhere, so I made a replacement set.  I used TechShop San Jose's lathe to make the parts. 

Step 1: Load Copper Rod Into Lathe With Collet Closer

I bought a nice copper rod from McMaster-Carr - it wasn't cheap, but it was less costly than a new spot welder.  The piece was 3/4" in diameter, so I used a 3/4" collet to hold the rod. 

Step 2: Cut Thread Side to 8mm

The threaded part of the tongs that the tips screw into are 8mm, so the plan is to cut the copper shaft to 8mm. 

Step 3: Cut Angled Tip

Using a triangular cutter, I shaped the front of the part to resemble the bad one I had taken off. 

There is no need to part the piece, as it will pop off when you get mostly done shaping.

Step 4: Thread the Back Side

I used a die to thread the back side.  Shiny!

Step 5: All Done!

Install the tips and weld!  The originals had flats to use a wrench to install them, but a pair of pliers or vice grips works fine.