Introduction: Macintosh SE IPod Stereo

Another retro mod from me, there seems to be a theme here.. Anyway, this one I did last summer but never did get the pics out to the internet. What I've done is gutted a broken Macintosh SE, which I thought would make a pretty cool i Pod stereo (and it's got a handle too!). The biggest challenge I faced here was recreating the shape of the old CRT picture tube for a speaker grille. My solution was to make a plaster mold, then fiberglass that mold. Once I had the shaped fiberglass it was just a matter of drilling MANY holes to let the sound through, while trying to keep it strong. I then wrapped the fiberglass in speaker cloth. Next I had to cut out and mount the i Pod dock, and give the case a snazzy two-tone paint job. Hope you enjoy making your own!