Macrame Cord Crochet Round Basket With Handles

Introduction: Macrame Cord Crochet Round Basket With Handles

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I love making Crochet Baskets. The fun and the most awesome thing about making a Crochet Basket is that, you can make them in size of your choice with the same pattern. Using different yarns gives you a different textured basket. They are of course pretty easy and quick to make.

Today am sharing the pattern for Macrame Cord Crochet Basket with Handles. I have used macrame cord for the basket. The thick cord gives the basket sturdiness. I have also added handles to the basket. This makes it pretty useful and easy for storing and carrying around your things.

Notes:- For this whole pattern, the starting chain 2 is not counted as a stitch. This is just to bring the yarn to a working height. Start the Double Crochet in the same stitch.



Macrame Cord

5.50mm Crochet Hook

Step 1: Here Is the Video Tutorial

Step 2: ​Round 1:-

Start with a magic circle

12 Double Crochets in the circle.

Pull the yarn end to close the gap.

Slip stitch on top of the first Double Crochet.

12 Stitches.

Step 3: ​Round 2:-

Chain 2

2 Double Crochets in each stitch around.

Slip stitch on top of the 1st Double Crochet.

24 Stitches.

Step 4: ​Round 3:-

Chain 2.

1 Double Crochet in the same stitch

2 Double Crochets in the next stitch.


Slip stitch on top of the first Double Crochet

36 Stitches.

I stopped with the increase round here.
The Base measures 5 inches.

If you wish to make a Bigger Basket, follow the below pattern:-

  • Start each round with Chain 2(Not counted as a stitch)
  • Round 4--DC 2, 2DC in next stitch(48)
  • Round 5--DC 3, 2DC in next stitch(60)
  • Round 6--DC 4, 2DC in next stitch(72) .....and so on.

Step 5: ​Round 4:-

Start with Chain 1.(Not Counted as a stitch).

1 Single Crochet in the Back Loop.

1 Single Crochet each in the Back Loop of the remaining stitches.

Once you reach the end do not slip stitch. We will be working in continuous rounds.

Step 6: ​Round 5 Onwards:-

1 Single Crochet in each stitch around untill the size required.

Step 7: ​Handles:-

Even if you are not keeping a count of the stitches, its very easy to gauge on where to put the handles.

Just bring together the sides of the basket.

Count Back 3 stitches from the middle stitch(middle stitch not to be counted) and mark it with a stitch marker. This will be the starting point of the handle.

Do the same on the other side. This will be the ending point of the handle

Repeat the same for the 2nd handle on the opposite side.

Step 8:

1 Single Crochet in each stitch untill the marked stitch.

Chain 12. Skip the stitches between the marked stitches.

1 Single Crochet in the stitch next to the marked stitch.

1 Single Crochet each in the next stitches untill the next marked stitch on the other side.

Repeat the same for the other handle.

Step 9: ​Border Round:-

1 Single Crochet in the remaining stitches untill you reach the handle.

12 Single Crochets in the Handle Space.

Continue with 1 single crochet each in the remaining stitches untill the next handle.

Repeat the same for the 2nd handle. 1 Single crochets in in rest of the stitches.

Slip stitch to end the round and weave off.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Macrame cord comes in lots of different sizes, just like yarn. What size is the cord you used for this basket? How much length did you use for this project? I think it's a beautiful basket and am looking forward to making one for my daughter.


    1 year ago

    Nice my daughter is just loving crocheting I'll show this one to her thank you a d nice work 🌹


    Tip 1 year ago

    Cool, and you could do them in all different colours!


    1 year ago

    I feel dumb, because I don’t know what “macrame cord” is. Is it a thing I go to the store and find? In the photos, it looks like paracord. Since I’m unfamiliar with the material, I haven’t the foggiest notion how much to buy, so it’d sure be helpful if you could say something like “For this 12”x8” basket, I used X yards of material” so I don’t end up buying either a stupidly large amount, or a stupidly useless amount (like just enough to crochet the circle on the bottom 😆). Thanks very much; I’m crazy about the idea and wanna do it, but I’m obviously quite clueless on the matter. (I’m used to crocheting with “normal,” quotidian yarns. I wanna stretch my wings and try something different, and I think I’ll start with a basket to carry my yarn around in!)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Nice job on this cute little basket :)

    You should consider entering it in the Colors of the Rainbow Contest!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much!!
    ....sure will do it!!