Introduction: Macrame Interchangeable Stone Necklace

A lot of people love tumbled stones for metaphysical healings. But not everyone wants wire wrapped or to carry them in a pocket where they can get broken or lost.
Solution? Macrame interchangeable necklace :)

Supplies is a ruler or tape measure.
String (you can use hemp or embrodery string I use embrodery string myself and what will be used in this instructable.
A bead with big hole.
Scissors for cutting.
Clip board or other way to hold down while braiding
Super glue

Step 1: Measure Your String

Measure your string I usually go 5 feet
I wrap the string around the ruler 5 times like pictured.
Do this with 3 to 6 strands of string. I use 6 usually even tho it tends to take longer.

Step 2: Take All Strands and Put Together

Put all strands together and put a knot at the half way point. Make sure both sides are even in length as much as possible. They can be a little off but not to much.
Make sure the knot is very tight.

Step 3: Knot All Strands in Pairs

Take two strands and knot them together right at the bottom knot like shown in picture.
Make sure on both sides of big knot you take one strand from each side and knot those together like in first picture.
Second picture is what it should look like when it's done with base knots.

Step 4: Keep Knotting Upwards

Take two strands that right next to each other but not knotted together and little ways up from the 2 knots that both strands are attached to. I will be putting a video in at the end of this so you can watch someone do this.
Repeat this step until you get desired length of the net like pouch.

Step 5: Make Sure It's at Desired Length

Make sure the net part is at desired length. If you desire one to hold just one stone then stop with the knotting after your desired stone size fits.
The one I'm making is for more than one stone to wear like pictured.

Step 6: Divide the Strands in 2 Groups

Divide the strands into 2 groups.
If 6 or more knot both sides a little bit above the net to give some room for stones to enter. If using just 3 strands don't knot the strands together.

Step 7: Braid Both Sides of Strands

You need a clipboard or tape for this step.
Take the necklace put the net part in the clip on clip board. Now start braiding one side of the strands
Make sure to knot the ends after you braid to desired length.
Should look like last pic of this step.

Step 8: Almost Done

Trim the excess string off the strands.
Put the bead on both strands.
If you use more than one color then measure 3 colors of string to 6 inches. If you use just one color then just use 3 6in strands for this.
Knot one end of 3 strands.

Step 9: Finishing Touch

Over lap the 2 strands on necklace like pic one in this step
Then take the 6 inch strands and lay it on the 2 over lapping strands like second pic
Fold the 6 inch strand on top of the 3 strands. Leaving one third on too of the 2 necklace strands.
Wrap the not knotted end of the 6 inch around the necklace strands and second half of 6 inch strand 4times starting with end up to the loop
Then take not knotted end through the loop and pull both ends until tight.
Then tie the 2 6inch strand ends together and apply a dab of super glue so it won't come untied.
What you just did was make the necklace adjustable.

Step 10: You Are Finished!

You can adjust the necklace after you put it on by pulling both strands like first pic.

And you are done and can put crystals or anything else that fits and doesn't have jagged edges.

The video is someone also showing how to make macrame interchangeable necklace if videos help. I just made the very bottom different and have used more than 3 strands.
You can use whatever colors you want or just one. I just prefer different colors in mine lol

This is a fun project and easy. I hope you enjoyed it <3