Introduction: Macrame Plant Hanger

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Since I got my new puppy from the Animal shelter, I've been busy moving things up and out of his reach. I've got several plants that I don't want him getting into so I decided the best thing to do was make a few plant hangers for the front porch. I've chosen a combination of simple macramé and basic knot tying, this project went together rather quickly.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

100% Cotton Crochet Yarn


measuring tape

Step 2: Measure and Cut String

Place 2 items that you can wrap the string around 10 feet apart.

Wrap the string around 18 times.

remove the string from one end and tie in a loose knot.

Remove the other end and cut so that you have a loop with a knot and 36 strings, 10 feet long.

Step 3: Macrame Hanging Loop

Untie the Knot at the loop end. Tie a knot 4" from the center. Secure the short end to a door knob. Divide the other end into 3 groups of 9 strings each.

Roll up and secure the middle group. Take the left bunch and place the bottom end over the top of the middle strings so it looks like the number 4. Now take the bunch on the right and bring it under the middle group and up through the hole in the 4. As you firmly hold the middle bunch of strings between your knees, gently pull tight.

Now reverse the sides, take the right bunch of strings and place over the middle bunch so it looks like a backward number 4. Take the left bunch and place under the middle bunch and up and through the hole in the number 4. Pull both sides tightly. Continue alternating sides. Keep tying knots until it is 6" long. Bring both ends of the section and tie a knot. There's the loop!

Step 4: Divide and Macrame

Tie the loop you just made to a door knob or something that will hold it secure. Divide the 36 strings into 4 groups of 9 each. Roll up 3 groups and secure so they don't get in the way.

Divide the 4th group into 3 sections of 3 strings each. Macramé with the same technique you did the loop until this is 14" long. Tie a knot at the bottom. Repeat with the other 3 sections.

Step 5: Connecting Sections

This step can get confusing, I found it helpful to place a roll of paper towels down and tie the knots around it.

Take 5 strings from one section and 4 strings from another section. Measure 6" below the knots, tie another knot connecting the sections. Now take the remaining 4 strings from the first section and connect it in the same way to another group using 5 strings. Continue until you end up with 4 sections with 9 strings each.

Depending on what size your pot is, you can adjust the size of the hanger. My pot was about 8" across but if the pot you are hanging is smaller you can tie the knots closer to each other. If your pot is 10" or 12" across, tie the knots further apart.

Depending on pot size you will have 4 or 5 levels of knots.

Step 6: Bottom Knot

Tie a knot 4" from the bottom knots and pull tightly. Leave about 8" of string hanging below the knot. Cut off the excess string.

Step 7: Finished Plant Hanger

Place the plant in hanger and hang from a hook or nail. Now wasn't that easy?

You can adjust the hanging height by lowering the knot below the pot or adding a carabineer to the loop.

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