Introduction: Macro Key : HappyKeys : How to Make a Custom One Key (game, SNS, ETC)

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Step 1: Youtube Instruction


Step 2: Preparing Materials


[About the Maker]

Step 3: 3D Printing Using 3d Modeling File

Download 3d model file from Thinggiverse


(Alternative: Buy from ETSY from the author)

Step 4: Put a Switch Into Upper Case


Step 5: Put an Attiny85 Board in the Upper Case


Step 6: Bend Legs of Switch Toward the Attiny85 Board


Step 7: Soldering


Step 8: Cover It


Step 9: Use Your Favorite Keycap


Step 10: ​Download and Install Arduino IDE / Board Setting

Step 11: Download a Library for USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Media Control Simultaneously

Because the library from Digispark is not enough to use, the main issue is we can’t send a keyboard signal and a mouse signal at the same time. Sending only a keyboard or mouse signal is good enough for the general situation. But sometimes, we need to use both keyboard and mouse together, such as gaming situations.

Step 12: Unzip the File and Copy “TrinketHidCombo” Folder Into Your Arduino Library Folder


Step 13: ​Open Your Arduino IDE, Copy and Paste Here's Code

Step 14: Upload the Program to Your Board by Following This Order

Unplug the board

Click upload button of Arduino IDE

Wait until “Running Digispark Uploader … “ shows

Plug your board


Notice : In order to upload program to Attiny85 board, you don’t need to select any port. Unplug your board.

Step 15: Tweak It As Your Need

Facebook / Instagram auto scroller

Source Code :

Emergency Switch

MUTE and CLOSE a video player immediately just in case (Emergency Exit)
When I was young, I would play a game often. Every time my mother suddenly enter my room, I had to close the game immediately, pretended to watch an “Educational Program.” Sometimes I failed. Back then, I wished I could make this switch

Game macro example

My favorite game is starcraft. I am not good at macro control. For particular, manufacturing labor unit (SCV, Prove, or Drone) or military unit such as tanks, marines. I made a macro key for this purpose. (note: only for single play)

Produce a labor unit

Produce units from manufacture building

Typing “cheat keys”

Letter example

Shortcut key

Arduino auto format (Ctrl + T)

Save button (Ctrl + S)