Introduction: Macro Photography Light

I built this Macro Photography Light for my Major Design Project.

Usually professional macro photography lights are very expensive. I could not see any cheap macro flash lights so I made this Macro Light for people who want to make a cheap flash light for themselves.

LED lighting is very popular at the moment - it is used on house lights, flashlights, car lighting, street lights and display lighting. It is popular because LED’s use very little power, they run cold and they last for a very long time.


Ultra3 pressed powder compact $5

Led light with battery box (SuperCheap Auto) $24

Power switch $3

A27 Battery $2

Step 1: Prepare the Compact

Remove the powder from the Remove the powder from the Ultra3 pressed powder compact and clean the labels from the outside.

Step 2: Mount the Switch

Find a place for the switch and use the dremel and chisel to make the hole the correct size.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts

Put the LED light in the compact. Use a soldering iron to link the power switch and
battery box together (see the diagram). If the power cord is too long cut some of it off. Use hot glue or double-sided tape to fix the LED light and battery box in place.

Step 4: Macro Photo Light in Action