Introduction: Macro Photography

Smartphones now days have very good cameras but most of them does not have optical zoom or an enough powerful camera to make a great digital zoom.

The macro photography lets us to see the details of common things that are very interesting if we take a close look to them. this will be helpful ina lot of projets of electronic tu show the details of a pcb or to create artistic pictures using every day things. Here are some examples of macro photography:

  • The first photo in a pencil for a touch screen, we can see every thread of it and we evan can expand it more in the computer.
  • The second photo is an lcd screen with each of it's pixels.
  • The third are the thread of a fabric, this could be less than a 1cm2

Step 1: Commercial Lens

If we want to solve that we can buy a lens to attach it to our smartphone camera for getting better results. This lens will show us all of the details of an objet very well.

In the photos you can the lens and the objets with a macro photo of them.

These lenses are not very expensive and they are very accesible on amazon or other online stores.

Step 2: DIY Lens

A magnifying glass can replace the commercial lens, it's cheaper and we usually have one at home. We are going to get very precise photos with the magnifying glass, almast as good as the commercial one. If we have different sizes we can combine them to get even more zoom.

It's very easy to use and to focus, we will only have to move closer and father the glass to focus the image.

We can use two magnifying glasses to create a better effect, it will be harder to focus but the photo will be huge detailed.

This pictures were taken with this process and the results are veryrewarding.

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