Macro Photography Stand (revolving With Lights)




Introduction: Macro Photography Stand (revolving With Lights)

The idea of this stand came about after viewing the many instructables on macro photography.I had a projector which small slides are inserted, then they can be magnified and projected onto your wall by being multiplied by  the revolving mirror ball at the bottom of the stand.

First I removed the mirror ball which leaves a small column which your subject can be attached.
The 2 magnifying lenses slide from their mounts which I used as some of the many lenses found around the house.
The slide holder can be pulled down to the bottom of the mounts to be used a stationary platform if prefered rather than a revolving one.

The benefits of this set up is that it has adequate lighting and can be revolved for multiple shots by the flick of a switch.

Step 1: Attaching a Microscope Lens to an I-phone

These images were done using an i-phone with an eyepice from my sons microscope.The first pic is a card reader without attaching a lens and then with the lens selotaped over the camera on the i-phone.

Step 2: Fitting Different Lenses (results)

By holding a magnifying glass in front of the phone with a lens attached I got these results.

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    Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf

    10 years ago on Introduction

    amazing although not portable it gets great zoom. have you tried photographing salt?