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So I decided to take two of my favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland and mixed them together! I'm odd. haha. It's kinda like the part where the Cheshire cat pretends to be the hatter to save him! Hope you enjoy!! <3 Please feel free to subscribe to my youtube page and help support my art. <3

Step 1: Sketch It Out

First step is taking my white eyeliner pencil and sketching out my look.

Step 2: Hatter

I used a white body paint to fill in around my eyes like a mask, this is where the mad hatters face will start showing.

Step 3: Eyes

For my eyes I took a pink eyeshadow and put it on the bottom on ONE of my eyes. (I used Cake from Urban Decay) on the top of that eye I used a purple on my top cease and blended it up. (I used Urban from Urban Decay)

On the other eye I used a red color on the bottom lash (I forget what one) then I took a blue color and put it on my top crease and blended it up. (Again I forget what one.)

I left the base of the lid white.

Step 4: Nose

I used pink eye shadow to contour the nose that you can see of the hatter. (the color cake again)

Step 5: Lashes

For the lashes I used a white body paint and put that on my top lashes. I painted on the bottom lashes, I have long lashes but it's obvious that his are painted on so I wanted to keep that look.

Step 6: Cheshire

I used a light gray body paint from mehron to paint the rest of my face.

Step 7: Nose

I used a light pink body paint from Mehron to paint on my nose, then I used a black body paint on the detail brush to outline it.

Step 8: Shadows

I used some black eyeshadow to add shadowing around the hatter where the cheshire cat meets with his eyes. This will make the Hatter look like he's under the Cheshire.

Step 9: Teal Strips

Using a teal body paint and small flicking motions I added the strips on his forehead.

Step 10: Hair

I used white body paint lightly all over the face in flicking motions to make hair, then I used a tad bit of black eye shadow.

Step 11: More Shadows

Taking some black eye shadow I used it around the nose and around the hatters face to add detail

Step 12: Highlight

Taking white body paint I highlighted around the face.

Step 13: Mouth

I used white body paint to paint on the teeth, I used black body paint to fill in the mouth, and then I used a bit of black shadow to shadow the back of the mouth.

Step 14: Brows

For the hatters brows I sued cotton balls and pulled them apart then glued them on top of my brows used Elmers glue (it's safe and easy to remove) then I used a orange body paint to paint them.

Step 15: Black Out

I used black body paint to cover up my ears

Step 16: More Sketching

I used the white body paint to sketch out the body

Step 17: Tie

I used pink around my neck then added little dots to the tie

Step 18: More Tie

I added yellow dots and lavender dots to the tie then filled in the rest of the tie with black and made sure to make the dots look more like flowers

Step 19: Shirt

I used green to fill in the jacket, then used white to highlight along with lighter green. I used black eyeshdow to shadow. and that's it!

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