Introduction: Mad Hatter Spool Sash

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So this instructable is simple! Oh and did I mention cheap? I don't have pictures , I did not think of taking any:(

Step 1: Buy Your Supplies

Spools of thread: for me I bought at the dollar store for a $1.25 a pack of 50 and ended up using only about 42 of them!

Step 2: Thread It

Basically take a long piece of thread and put a spool on it, make sure the spool is in the middle of the thread. Then pull one side of the thread through the hole in another spool and pull the other thread through the other end of the spool! Keep doing this until you get the length you want, I only made the spools for the front. When you are done just do a double tie with the 2 thread sides.

Step 3: Finish It

So now just tie a thread on one end of the spool sash and measure it round you like as if you were wearing it and tie the other side of the thread to the other side of the spool sash! Your done!

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