Mad Max Style Paracord Bracelet

Introduction: Mad Max Style Paracord Bracelet

Hey guys, so I noticed that in the movie Mad Max Fury Road, Tom Hardy, the actor portraying Max Rockatansky, was wearing a paracord bracelet. I looked into it and it turns out that Tom Hardy himself made it, which is pretty cool. So I tinkered with some cord and pulled up this

Step 1: Gather Materials

-Your wrist

The Paracord is from paracord planet (sold by built for survival). I just recently ordered it, and as you can see, it's the real thing, with seven interior strands including the marker strand, and having the interior strands made of three smaller strands.

Don't be fooled by other imitations, because that's like buying the "great value" version of oreos

Here is the link to the specific paracord I bought:

Step 2: Paracord Used and Sizing

I used about 12 feet of Paracord for an 8 inch wrist, but I had quite a bit of excess cord at the end. It's better to have too much cord than too little.

For every added or subtracted inch, add or subtract two feet.

Step 3: Making the Length of the Bracelet

Step 1: Find the middle of the length of cord then fold it in half

Step 2: Use a ruler to measure the desired circumference of the bracelet, but leave around hald an inch at the end as a loop. We will adjust the loop later.

Step 4: Making the Bracelet

Step 1: Now is the time to start the cobra braid/solomon stitch

Step 2: Bring the right cord over the entire thing

Step 3: Put the left cord over the right

Step 4: Go under the middle loop and through the loop made by the right cord

Step 5: Don't tighten it just yet

Step 6: Make another cobra braid, then tighten the two braids

Step 7: Pull the loop down so the top smaller loops almost close

Step 8: Now is a good time to see if the bracelet fits well, as you can make some minor adjustments

Step 9: Keep on making cobra braids until you reach the end of the loop

Step 10: Pull the left cord through the loop

Step 11: Pull the right cord through the loop

Step 12: Tighten

Step 13: Bend the bracelet into a circle shape

Step 14: Run the left cord into the left loop on the opposite side of the bracelet

Step 15: Run the right cord into the right loop on the opposite side of the bracelet

Step 5: Making the Finishing Knot

For the end knot we will make a diamond, or lanyard, knot.
Step 1: Take the two strands and place them between your fingers, as shown in the picture

Step 2: Make a loop with the right cord, make sure the end goes under not over

Step 3: Pass the left cord under the right cord

Step 4: Thread the cord over-under-over to the other side

Step 5: Take the cord you just passed through and loop it counter-clockwise along the cords

Step 6: Bring it past the other cord

Step 7: Thread it under everything then pass it upwards through the middle

Step 8: Take the other cord and make a loop counter-clockwise along the cords

Step 9: Bring it past the other cord

Step 10: Thread it under everything and then pass it upwards through the middle

Step 11: Pull on the two strands

Step 12: Cinch the knot by pulling all the parts in order so that the extra cord comes out, and move it down until it is closer to the bracelet

Step 6: Finished!

Congratulations! You made the Mad Max Paracord bracelet. I hope you enjoyed my instructable, and I hope that you will vote for me in the Outside contest!

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    6 years ago

    Nice job! I have made a few paracord bracelets and other things but this is next on my list