Mad Mitt V2.5

Introduction: Mad Mitt V2.5

This is from my son: the Mad Mitt v2.5

Hi I'm The Mad Mitt Master, and I want to show you how to make my Mad Mitt v2.5.  

Step 1: Printing Off

The Mad Mitt can be reversed simply by flipping over these cut-outs ( I've made a right hand and a left).
First you will need to print off these cut-outs. You can print these off.

Step 2: Things You Need

Then, find the following:
cardboard, duct tape, clear tape, hole punch, ruler (maybe), scisors, pencil (maybe), rubber/eraser(maybe), and double sided tape or glue stick.

Step 3: Lines, Cuts and Folds

Cut out the cut-outs and trace around them on the cardboard, marking the dotted lines and cut out the shapes fold along the solid lines and cut along the dotted lines.

Step 4: Holes

Next, punch holes in the hand in their respective places (on the hand only) like so:
(and in the thumb space on the hand).

Step 5: (tin) Foil

Next, cover the fingers and palm in tin foil. You do this by either gluing or by putting double sided tape on the back of the hand and fingers. Then you would get your tin foil and make sure it's nice and flat, then lie the figures and hand glue/tape side down on the foil. If you put glue on your hand and fingers, wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Cutting (again)

Cut around the fingers and hand even up the dotted lines. (The fingers are not in order, there is another finger to be cut out in this image.)

Step 7: Finger Parts

Next, cut thin pieces about sooooooooooooo long (1 in) these will span the fingers and hold them in shape. You will need 14 of these. If the finger is 1 cm across then you measure 1 cm in the middle of the strip of cardboard.
Next tape the strip to the finger as shone.   

Step 8: Tape

After you have taped the stripes to the fingers, get your clear tape and cut four six centimetres and one eight centimetre lengths off and fold in half long ways. Put this strip in the hole in the hand as shone. (I put a strip of paper in mine because the tape I used wasn't very visible.)

Step 9: Tape Folding

Then fold the tape around and tape it down as shone (use the eight cm length on the thumb and tape on the upper side of the thumb).

Step 10: Extras (1)

Now there are extra parts that you can add if you want, but I apologize that I did not scan them with the rest of the hand so here are the measurements:
(1) 3 cm down                                                                     
7 cm across (left to right)across                                          
3 cm up
7 cm (right to left), like this... 
(this goes on the right side, I made a right hand)

(2) Another is simply 3cm by 3 cm, like this...
(this goes on the left side)

(3)The next, down 3 cm
across (left to right)
1 cm up
1 cm across (left to right )
now the difficult one, you must cut 160 degrees up (to the left)
now the top should measure 4 cm, like this...
(this goes on the left side)

Step 11: Mad Mitt!

There you have it, your very own Mad Mitt, hope you enjoy it!

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