Mad Scientist Starter Guide

Introduction: Mad Scientist Starter Guide

Congratulations! In reading this Instructible you have taken the first step in becoming a Mad Scientist and/or Super Villain. This quick and handy guide will give you everything you need to start on the path to true insanity.

*Please Note This guide in no way guarantees successful villainy. We are in no way responsible for how you choose to use this information, we only ask you remember us when you have the world held for ransom.

Step 1: A Place to Experiment

I ask you, is there a better way to ensure privacy and safety from government regulations than your own private island? Tired of the headaches required to get a permit for genetic experimentation on human subjects? Introducing Private Islands Online. A one stop shop for all your private island needs.   Available all over the world in various regions and climates you're sure to find on that suits your needs. (Private army not included)

Step 2: A Place to Hide From Experiments

Let's face it, who hasn't caused a semi-disastrous disaster. Well no more need to worry about running for you, all you need is a top of the line bunker. These handy workspaces pull double duty as labs and safe rooms. The next time that earthquake generator goes on the fritz, you can go to the hot tub.

Step 3: Protection From Interference

You have an island, you have a fortress, presumably you can build your own laser beams for later shark attachment. So what's missing? An army of your own! Many companies supply troops to the highest bidder. As long as you have the money, you have to might. Now what to do about arming them and yourself?

*photo unavailable* (have you ever tried photographing mercs?)

Step 4: Doomsday Devices

Good news everybody! There's no more need to run around making back room deals with ex-soviet military types anymore. Thanks to Eurosatory, your one stop shop for all things boomable. Private military and defense contractors from all over the world converge every two years at the convention for networking, panel discussions and product demonstrations.   Proven to reduce Bond like run-ins with secret agents out to prevent your best laid schemes from coming to fruition.

Step 5: Get Started Sciencing

Now you have everything you need to get started except for the science. Fortunately for you I have taken great time and spent great personal effort to bring you the single greatest resource of science and scientists (mad and otherwise) that the world has ever seen. Click the following link at your own risk.   That's it! Have fun, be safe-ish, and don't mention my name or we never do business again.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    While not TECHNICALLY and evil overlord, many of the same situations will arise.

    So, Before setting off on your latest mad scheme,
    or trying to set up your latest mad laboratory.

    Don't forget to give a THROUGH read through.

    Mad SCIENTIST starter guide. Learn from others mistakes before you even begin.