Introduction: Made With Love Fairy Jar

About: Mother to 4 beautiful girls and partner to Kev for 17 years.I breed love birds and have a 2 baby love birds.We have 2 dogs and a cat, and 2 Maran hens.


Large jar with lid
Small stones
Various Small plants and flowers
Small fairy figurine
Various decorations: ribbons,string beads
                                       small sequins
                                       mini flowers etc

Step 1: Adding Scenery..

Add small stones,some moss and plants, to the back of the jar.
Arrange in the jar, ensure that it looks great from all angles.
Make sure that you've left enough space for your Fairy.
Make sure your happy with the scenery,adjust if needbe..

Step 2: Adding Fairy..

Using tongs add your Fairy
Add some glitter and various sequins,beads and a small butterfly.
Check and adjust....

Step 3: Final Step..

Add the final touch of wrapping various ribbons and string beads around top of jar
 Add more glitter if needed...

                                 .VOILA!!!!!..your beautiful "made with love Fairy Jar"....

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