Introduction: Madoka Kanomes Bow and Arrow

a simple way to make Madokas Bow

Step 1:

First we need to get our supplies

1: A Large Stick Shaped Like A Bow

2: Brown And Pink Paint

3: Fake Leaves (Rose leaves)

4: Fake Roses (2, One Small One Large)

5: Hot Glue Gun And Hot Glue Sticks

6: A Paintbrush

7: Cardstock

8: a Thin Dowel Rod

9: The Printout at the top of the page

10: String

Step 2:

Okay, First we need to paint our stick, take your brown paint and paint the whole thing

Step 3:

Now that you have that done we can make the diamonds on her bow... similar to the printout you are going to make a pattern just make it symmetrical both ways and make it a lot bigger

Step 4:

now cut all four diamonds (yes, make 4) to the shape of your stick. Glue. you should get something like the picture... Then Paint!!

Step 5:

now its time to glue the Fake Roses on the top... put the Bigger rose directly on the top and the smaller one right next to it, glue one rose leaf on the smaller rose side and one rose leaf on the bigger rose side!

Step 6:

Now we will glue the string on... first glue the end of the string to the top, cut to the needed length and glue the other end to the bottom

Step 7:

now you have finished the bow!!!!! but somethings missing...... Ah the arrow! Start out by cutting out the template and folding on the black lines, glue the gray part together, then paint it pink. After that paint the whole dowel rod pink and glue the arrowhead to the top

Step 8:

Congratulations your finished! Now get out there and do an Awesome cosplay!!!!!!