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I was cleaning our house in the morning, I found some of my daughter's magazines lying around and since I could not fit them in any of my shelves or into hers, we thought it would be easy to organize them with this little holder. We wanted to do some thing really simple and at no cost. so, dug into my closet and found this old shawl and the Museli box in kitchen - another something my sons are so fond of playing with (no matter how many toys we buy the trio nothing grabs their attention than these cardboard boxes and shampoo bottles.) So used them up for this little project.

Step 1: Things Needed

The things I have used are

1. A Kelloggs muesli Box

2. Piece of fabric ( the one I used is form an old shawl that I dont use these days and was simply cluttering up my closet so used it up for this)

3. glue

4. Scissors

Step 2:

make a straight Cut on one of the smaller Sides of the box (till half the length) and fold it inside the box as shown

Step 3:

2. Cut both the larger sides of the box according to desired shape, I made a simple curve

3. Place the box on the fabric and cut the material leaving at least an inch of extra fabric on either side

Step 4: Glue All Over

4. Put some glue on one side of the box and spread it with a brush

5. Paste the fabric over the side make sure there are no bubbles

6. continue gluing all the sides with the fabric

7. Apply glue at the bottom and paste the fabric and similarly at all the edges of the box

8. Stick the fabric neatly over the edges such that the shape is not disturbed

Step 5: Project Complete

That's it!

once the glue dries the magazine holder is ready to be used

Another way to use the unused , and at the same time keep the kids engaged

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