Introduction: Magazine Box

Frustrated with magazines without a home i decided to make one.  The retail store wants 9 dollars for one of these, with this instructable you will be able to make about 12 of these for around 14 dollars.  As with anything else you are only limited by your imagination.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Bronze Krylon Brand Spray Paint - 5.99
(12 count) Silver bookplates - 2.79 on sale
Silver mini brads - 2.09 on sale
Ducktape - 3.37 (any color you want)
Cardboard - Free


Scissors or Exacto knife
Cardboard box
Tape measure
wooden ruler with metal edge

Step 2: Paint the Name Plates

Take the scrap booking name plates, place them on some old newspaper in a well ventilated area and spray on the spray paint.  The brads will be almost the same except that you will want to be able to get all around the brad, the easiest way to do this is to punch some holes with your awl into an old cardboard box and then place the brads into the holes.  This will allow you to easily paint all around the brad.

After painting allow to dry per can instructions.

Step 3: Measure Twice Errr Maybe 3 Times...

Measure your magazine.  Mine came out at 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches.  I think that is a pretty standard dimension for most magazines.  Now we are going to want a little bit of wiggle room for the magazines, plus a little bit of room to account for the extra cardboard bunched up in the front.  I went with 9 inch width and 12 inch height, this worked out ok.  If your magazines are larger then you will need to accommodate their dimensions.

Step 4: Draw Out Your Template

If you have butcher paper you can draw it out on butcher paper.  I made my template out of another cardboard box so that I could test out the size.   The dotted lines are fold lines while solid lines are cut lines.

Step 5: Transfer the Pattern and Cut It Out

Now transfer the pattern from the butcher paper or cardboard template onto the actual cardboard you will be using.  Now cut the cardboard out using your scissors or exacto knife.

Step 6: Make Creases

Make creases into the cardboard so that it will be easier and more even when you fold it later.  Making creases is pretty easy you will need a square object, I used a scrap piece of wood, but a wooden ruler with a metal edge works very well too.

Step 7: Fold the Blank Into Shape.

Fold the blank up.  The lower end of the left and right sides interlock, then the center strip goes over the bottom.

Step 8: Tape the Seams

Now tape the seams.  This will help the overall shape to stay put.  I would also put tape on the edges to protect them.

Step 9: Completely Cover in Duck Tape

Cover the box's outside completely with duck tape.  Be patient and don't rush, if any wrinkles form carefully lift it up and set it back down.  If you rush this step it will look ugly.

Step 10: Add the Bookplate

Position your bookplate in the center and using your awl punch two holes into the box.  place the brads in and bend the tabs back. (Notice the sloppy job of putting on the duck tape, don't let that happen to you take your time)

Step 11: Enjoy!

You are finished!  Now go get those magazines and put them into your new magazine box.

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