Introduction: Magazine Coasters

We buy magazines, flip through them and then toss. With so many colors, fonts and fine details within, we barely take the time to read the headlines. Having worked for Ethos Magazine as photo editor for the past three years, I know the great amount of time, energy, detail and extreme precision that goes into producing a magazine. As an outcome, I have a hard time throwing them away. So I figured out a way to utilize the abundance of colors and designs to produce an item with functionality, magazine coasters.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

- Old magazines
- Scissors
- Modge Podge or Rubber Cement with brush
- Paper clip

Step 2: Making Strips

Rip out colorful pages from old magazines. I found that advertisements work best if you want to use a variety of colors. Fold the straight edge of the magazine over about 1/4 of an inch. Make about 4 folds. you should stick with the same fold size so that when your coaster is complete, it lies flat and is all one level.

Step 3: Glue and Cut

Spread glue along the edge and fold over one last time. Cut along the edge until you have a thin strip. Create about 30 strips before you begin the rolling process.

Step 4: Rolling the First Strip

For the first strip, (the center of your coaster) apply glue all along one side of the strip. Then open up a paperclip and roll the strip around the paperclip with your fingers. Using the paperclip will allow the center to be tight and circular.

Step 5: Rolling Remaining Strips

For the next strip, apply glue to one side and attach it to the end of the previous strip so there is a smooth flow from one strip into the next. Then wrap this strip around itself. Keep wrapping strips around the coaster until it is as wide as you wish it to be.

Step 6: Drying

Once you have wrapped all the strips onto the coaster, allow several hours for the coaster to dry.