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Introduction: Magazine Gift Bag

I had tons of magazines that I couldn't bare to recycle. They were lying around just waiting for some crafty project to transform them. While DIY paper bags are everywhere, I specifically designed a bag for the paper goods that I sell - using magazines featuring paper crafting products - what a way to advertise, I thought!

I wanted it large and sturdy enough for my paper goods but wanted minimal steps/cutting/gluing.

The end result is still 100% recyclable (no staples!), looks great, is unique and requires very minimal cutting.

I hope you love what I created for you... always happy to hear your thoughts!

Step 1: You Need...

Definitely need:

1. a magazine

2. adhesive - super sticky or strong is my preference

3. Scissors

4. ruler & pen


1. a paper trimmer

2. scoring tool

Rip or cut three pages from a magazine and trim down to 8" x 11".

Step 2: Want Handles?

This step is optional as it depends if you want handles, or if you want your bag to have the look of a "brown lunch bag". If you don't want handles, skip to next step and you will only use two pages instead of three.

To make your handles:

1. Cut one of your 8" x 11" pages in half so you have two 4" x 11" pieces

(if using a scoring tool, skip the next steps and score at 1" increments)

2. Fold in half

3. Fold each side into the middle fold

4. Fold over on the middle fold again

5. Apply adhesive down one side and adhere sides together

6. Repeat for second piece and set both aside

Step 3: Shape Your Bag...

If using a scoring tool, score all sides at 1-1/2". If using a ruler & pen, mark at 1-1/2" all around and fold on your lines.

Step 4: Create the Top...

Choose what will be the top and the outer side of your bag. Fold the top flap down on to the side that will be the "inside" of your bag. Adhere. Repeat for other side of bag.

Step 5: Create Your Bag...

Once your tops are glued down, fold on all your score lines (or lines you drew with a pen). Run adhesive down each side flap and adhere to those same flaps on the the other side of the bag.

Step 6: Lay It Flat...

Gently pinch in the sides of your bag to create a "v" shape and crease flat along the entire length of the bag.

Step 7: Seal Up the Bottom...

Pretend you are wrapping a box with wrapping paper.

Fold the sides in (on your score lines you creased in step 5) and you'll start getting angled sides; crease them. Repeat on the opposite flap. Apply adhesive and stick your hand in your bag to make sure the bottom flaps adhere to one another.

Optional: cut a piece of cardboard to lay flat in the bag for a sturdier bottom.

Step 8: Flatten It Out...

If you don't want your bag to lay flat, skip this step.

To lay your bag flat (great for storing!), start to flatten along the sides (your "v's" you created in step 6) and as you reach the bottom of your bag, it will naturally start to crease & fold up. Keep flattening your bag and then crease flat.

Step 9: Add Handles...

If you don't want handles, your bag is complete!

To add your handles you created in step 2, gently curve them until the ends are flat (not twisted) and apply adhesive to the bottom 1/2". Slide into your bag and press down on the adhesive. Repeat on the other side.

Now you have an awesome bag from material you reused and is 100% recyclable!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea, and very well executed. The finished bags look great!