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Introduction: Magazine Vase and Pencil Holder

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What to do with all those old magazines? Well, here's a fun idea! This is a quick project, only takes a couple of hours for the pencil holder and maybe 3 for the vase. The supplies you will need for both are: 2 or 3 old magazines, (the vase needs between 50-60 pages and the pencil holder needs around 20 pages.) Mod Podge or decopauge glue, ruler, scissors, plastic 2 liter soda bottle,  size 7 knitting needle- size 7. empty can from corn or green beans, mine was 4-1/2" tall and a few Q-tips for applying the glue. 

Step 1: Rolling Up the Pages

Lay the page, colorful side down on a table in front of you with the torn edge closest to you. Place the knitting needle on the page perpendicular to the torn edge and about 2" from it. Make sure that the non-pointed end of the knitting needle is off the table, because if it's on the table it will raise that end slightly and you won't be able to roll evenly.  Apply a small amount of Mod Podge glue with a Q-tip onto the page by the torn edge being careful not to get any glue on the knitting needle. Fold the page over the knitting needle and press down. Begin rolling the paper away from you and when it's about halfway rolled up, apply another line of glue down the page, roll up some more and when you have 1" left, apply more glue and finish rolling the page. Apply glue on the outside of the rolled page and spread with your fingers. It will dry quickly as you roll it between your hands. slide the page off the knitting needle and start rolling up another page. 

Step 2: Making the Vase

Cut the top off of the plastic 2 liter soda bottle so that it is 9" tall. Be very careful doing this, If you start the cut with a sharp knife you can cut the rest of the way around with regular scissors. 9" is about the point where the bottle starts to curve. glue a couple of  magazine pages on the outside of the soda bottle over the label. Cut the rolled pages so that they are 9" long, you will need about 60 for the vase. When you get the outside covered, apply another coat of decopauge glue over the whole thing. Allow to dry. This makes a very lightweight vase so it's a good idea to add some marbles or decorative rocks to the bottom so the flowers don't tip it over. This vase is also watertight so you can put fresh flowers in it too.

Step 3: Pencil Holder

The can I used was from vegetables, 15 ounces. Wash it out and allow to dry. It's ok to leave the label on. Roll up about 20 pages and  measure the can, mine was 4" tall. You will be able to get 2 pieces from each rolled page. Stand the can up and begin gluing the rolled up pages onto the can, making sure they are straight. continue until the whole can is covered. When the can is covered, apply another coat of decopauge glue. Allow to dry. This is a great project for kids, but they might need help with the cutting.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    What a small world we live in! I was looking up paper crafts when I saw your Instructable. When I clicked through your photos, I noticed the Domino's ad that appeared to read "Artesia". As I looked at the picture, I saw what looked like the old football game graphs, and sure enough, there was Roswell. Then I looked at your profile, and sure enough, Artesia, New Mexico! I lived in Artesia for quite some time growing up.

    Nice to see you here! Karen (Class of 1983).


    Pretty Cool! I love it :0) Will be doing this with some Christmas wrapping paper that is the same size as a magazine. :0)

    Karina Q
    Karina Q

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I just love it!! It´s grate!! Thank´s for share it!