Magic Bell (PushBullet+GMail)

Introduction: Magic Bell (PushBullet+GMail)


Objective :-

Push notification (PushBullet + GMail) upon pressing wireless home bell.

Item used :-

  1. ESP8266 E-12
  2. Wireless Outdoor Doorbell

Step 1: Step 1 : Find a Tapping Point

Gut the electronic bell and find a suitable point to tap digital signal for the purpose of digitalRead(). In this case, i tapped from an led which turn on for approximately 3 seconds upon button press.

Using the voltmeter, measure the current to not exceed 20mA, in this case, the tapping point yield 5mA, within safe limit for GPIO digitalRead().

WARNING : High current could cause your board to fry. Double check the current, us resistor if needed (V = IR)

Step 2: Step 2 : Rig Up GPIO

Connect wire from the tapping point (in this case, LED ends) towards GPIO : GND and Pin5 (D1).

Step 3: Step 3 : Upload Code and TestItOut!

Copy the the modified Arduino codes & modify the details:-

Get your Device ID through PushBox and Access Token via PushBullet, follow detailed tutorial link below :-

Step 4: Step 4 : Solder It Out & Assemble It Back

Once everything worked out, replace all the crocodile clips and solder it well and assemble everything back! Viola!

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    5 years ago

    This would be useful, I never seem to hear it go off.

    Ayub J
    Ayub J

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you. It'll be even useful if you have ip camera in order to check who dropped by in real time.