Introduction: Magic Candle With a Kinetic Electric Generator (Fusion 360)

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This lamp with a kinetic generator that lights up when shaking.

This generator can be used in the Internet of things, as the charger or as a basis for a flashlight.

I used this generator in the magic lamp for a children's holiday.

I created this lamp for a little grandson who got a magic candle and he was the best gnome on New Year's holidays!

Step 1: Materials

The body lamp and candle body I printed on the 3D printer.

I decorated the seams and joints with a 3d pen .

For the generator should be -
- 4 magnets Ø 15 mm x 5 mm

- 6 coils on a common basis

- 12 diodes Schottky

- 1 bright white LED

- 1 thin magnetic disk.

Step 2: Body of the Lamp

The body lamp, I drew in Autodesk 123D Design and consists of several parts.

Lamp housing is easy to assemble. I used a bit of glue.

You can see the photos part of the body and when it is assembled together.

Lamp housing printed with wooden filament. STL files attached.

Step 3: Body of the Candle

The body of the candle, I drew in the Fusion 360.

As the drawing you can see in the video.

It's an easy job, and did not require a lot of time.

The body of the candle, I printed with white ABS plastic and yellow flame.

Inside the candle is a space for the generator.

STL files attached.

Step 4: Kinetic Generator

  • I printed a base for the coil. The magnets are moved inside the base.
  • I reeled 6 coils on a plastic body. I used 35AWG wire (0.143 mm) to fill. Each 2 coils connected to each other as shown. Thus we get the 6 wires.
  • Next, we collect 3 diode bridges and connect to the coils. The positive and negative terminals are connected to the LED.

I used PMEG2010AEB diodes as the best for this purpose. You can use other Schottky diodes with low forward voltage.

  • Insert the magnets. I used 4 magnets diameter 15mm and 5mm height.

You can use any of the magnets 15 mm diameter of several pieces in such a way that would have been the height of 15-25mm. You can also use single magnets 20-25mm.

  • At the bottom of the candle we sticking a small magnet that will be as a spring.

If everything is correctly assembled candle should flash at easy shaking.

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