Introduction: Magic Cup Light Module

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What is a Magic Cup Light Module you may be asking yourself? Well it’s an inexpensive Chinese module comprises a small mercury tilt switch and a light emitting diode. Here, I’m going to show how to start your funny play with those magic cup light modules.

Step 1: Start the Play

I assume the magic cup light module is intended to seat at the bottom of a cup as it lights up when the cup is tilted. I had seen them, but only bought a pair just a while ago.Luckily, the pretty small module does not really need a microcontroller as it can work happily with a 5VDC power supply alone.

Step 2: Going Further

In this article, you can see how I used the ubiquitous 555 timer, and an Arduino Uno in order to getting off the ground with my magic cup light module. The article obviously gives you all the information you need to build your own beautiful projects,

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