Introduction: Magic F-Bomb

About: I get restless, so I make things.

My parents have everything they want, so finding Christmas gifts is not easy...

This year I made them a MAGIC F-BOMB!

Ask the Magic F-Bomb any yes/no question, flip it over, and boy will it give you a response!

Step 1: You Will Need These Things

- Magic 8 Ball
- Sushi in a Clam Shell Container
- Nylon Cord
- Embossing Label Maker
- Googly Craft Eyes (see photo)
- Super Glue (for plastics)
- Silicon Tent Sealer
- Black Textured Spray Paint (such as Krylon Textured Shimmer)
- Putty (any kind that bonds and is sand-able when dry)
- 6-Pack of Beer (in bottles)
- Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

Step 2: Disect the Ball

Cut the 8-ball in half at the seam with a hack saw.

Pry the answer white ring out, releasing the fluid filled cylinder.

Unscrew the top of the cylinder, shake the blue fluid out into a container, save fluid for later.

Rinse remaining blue fluid out of cylinder with water.

Saw the cylinder open releasing answer cube.

Step 3: Make the New Answer Cube

Eat the sushi. Reserve wasabi cup and container lid.

Draw a grid of squares as depicted in photo.

Generate obscene phrases with the label maker, cut apart. Super glue to the grid.

Cut grid out, leaving lips as depicted in photo.

Glue a googly eye to the inside of each side of the cube, this will make it float.

Fold at seams and glue together.

Step 4: Reassemble the Ball

Put the new answer cube into the cylinder.

Roughly super glue the cylinder back together. The 'hack' job you did sawing it in half probably left rough edges, but that's ok.

Seal the seams with tent sealing silicone. Allow to dry completely. Blow into the top of the cylinder to test the seal.

Pour the blue fluid back into the cylinder. Screw the lid back onto the cylinder.

Roughly glue the two halves of the ball back together.

Fill the seam with putty. Allow to Dry.

Step 5: Perform Transformation

Clean the wasabi cup.

Drill a small hole in the bottom of the wasabi cup.

Glue the wasabi cup to the bottom of the 8-ball.

Sand everything.

Place the paper empty paper towel roll on top of a beer bottle.

Shove the paper towel roll into the answer window of the 8-ball.

Spray paint.

Shove the nylon cord through the hole in the wasabi cup.

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